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Drug trafficking charge discontinued against client

Alan Phillips or our office was engaged to act on behalf of a client who had been charged with 14 serious drug offences including drug trafficking.  The client was charged following Queensland police commencing operation Tango Balboa in 2021 to target organised drug trafficking in north Brisbane. The operation involved covert and overt techniques over many months. Telephone intercept warrants were obtained and devices were seized and downloaded by police.

The client was referred to Alan Phillips. The client was originally charged with many months of drug trafficking on a significant scale. Upon thorough review of the brief of evidence, it was determined in our office's view that the drug trafficking charge could not be substantiated, as there was a lack of evidence of the defendant carrying on a business in relation to selling drugs.

Alan Phillips of our office put forward a submission that the offending was more properly classified as a small number of street level drug supplies. Following extensive negotiations, the submission was accepted and the trafficking charge was discontinued.

Trafficking in dangerous drugs now carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Contact Alan Phillips for representation on 07 3180 0158 or 0403 846 238.

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